"The woman who emerged was a trifle thinner, a great deal wiser, an ocean sadder. This one understood the nature of pain, beneath the glory of her features there was a character, and a sure knowledge of suffering. She was [now] the most beautiful women the world had seen in a 100 years."                                        

 - The Princess Bride (pg. 62)

It all started with a photo.

And a simple desire to heal.

After experiencing a stillbirth in 2012, Jessica Spieth was trying to become whole again. An idea came to her - she wanted to see herself as beautiful. Not the kind she was familiar with, but a vulnerable beauty that spoke of the pain she had gone through. She asked her friend MarLyn Hill to take a photo of her. She wiped off her makeup, looked straight at the camera, and cried.

Since then, she has felt that experience has helped her see a deeper beauty than she has ever seen before... her vulnerable beauty.  It has brought to life a desire to share what pain can do for each of us - a desire to take the shame out of pain and create a place where others can heal and see the beauty within themselves.

WillingTruth is an organization that focuses on stories and real photos about real people. It is a project that is dependent on the willingness of others to share - share their pain, share their suffering, share their thoughts, and share their beauty.

Join us in our WillingTruth project.

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To learn more about where the WillingTruth Project ( in the earlier stages it was called Hozho but has since changed to WillingTruth)  came from listen below to my podcast by Bloom For Women .

Bloom For Women is an organization that offers a place of learning, support , and healing from the real and painful trauma accompanying betrayal.