When I was little, I used to find the loneliest corner in the room. A corner that had not been noticed or looked at for years, maybe even since it was built. I would sit on the couch and stare at it and think, "I see you. You exist and I know you are there." Maybe I had way too much time on my hands (and maybe I was a little weird) but deep down I think I really have always yearned to see others. Help others. Comfort others. Maybe that's why I want to do this project. To find all those corners.

When I was little and would do this sometimes it would make me sad and sometimes it would make me shudder... but I still did it. Because it was put there for a reason. Holding up something. Making the house sound somehow. 

Today while entering the freeway, I saw a man going through great efforts just to catch a "corner of the universe" on camera. There were mountains, light, birds. I am not sure what he saw through his lens, but through mine I saw a reminder - to look, really look. Just like when I was little. There are so many things and people going in and out of my life that are making my world sound. I don't want to miss it.

Thinking about it even more, there are so many things inside of me making me sound. So many corners that have been forgotten or have not even been realized. What a wonderful thought. 

I guess today I challenge you to look at a corner. You never know what you might find. Maybe even a bit more of yourself.