Hidden Gems Friday #2: The Power of Sadness

Did you see Inside Out? Did you notice which emotion controlled Riley, the 11 year-old girl, and which emotion dominantly controlled the mother?

That's right, Joy governed the child, while the more experienced adult learned to lean on the power of Sadness. Though this theme was kind of the main point of the movie, the fact that sadness was the mother's leading emotion may not have occurred to many viewers. I found this to be very profound.

How many times does our society disregard sadness as a weakness, a distraction, or a non-purposeful reaction succumbed to only by those who can't just cowboy up? This movie taught us that sadness is actually the opposite--it is a strength, it brings focus and attention to what is important, and it does indeed serve a purpose! And often as we grow through life's experiences, we realize the importance of each emotion--joy, sadness, fear, disgust, and anger. Each playing their part and fulfilling their purpose. 

Another example the movie portrayed really well was with the dad. Who can forget dear ol' dad and what controlled him?

Anger of course. Now I don't think I can quite condone the gender stereotypes here but I do love that fact that it touches on the importance of ALL our emotions. Sometimes you just need to get MAD.

I believe God knew what he was doing when he programmed us to be emotional beings. So embrace each one of your emotions, and listen to whichever may have your controls at the moment. Don't drown it out, but listen to the emotion so that it's needs can be met, even if that emotion is a lil bit of sadness due to pain, anger due to frustration or laughter from something really, really freakin' funny. Listening will lead to healing, happiness, wholeness, and even accentuate your joy.

from us to you,