HIDDEM GEM friday #3- rags, risks, and realness

Did you see Cinderella, the 2015 version last year? Can we all give a cheer for how well they redid that movie ? My goodness ," Where there is kindness, there is always magic." I wish I could be her, dancing in fields and talking to mice. Oh so innocent and free.  It was so wonderful, cheesy and good- my favorite combination.

 Anyways, there were a lot of great lines in the movie; but there was one in particular that caught my attention the most. One that might have been overlooked by many; another hidden gem.  The line is towards the end of the movie when Cinderella is about to go down stairs to show herself to her beloved prince. But there is no magic, no carriage and no fairy godmother to help her this time. Instead , all she has is herself. And the narrator says this:

" >

I caught my breath when I heard that. This is what this project is all about: taking the risk of being your real and true self. Allowing yourself to be seen. I know that once we allow our real self to be seen by others, we are then finally allowing ourselves see our true self for the first time . There is empowerment, healing and growth that comes with that. So go ..and be seen.