A New Name

Those of you that have been tuning in since this site first launched in 2016 (thank you!) may be curious as to why the site changed its name from “HOZHO Project” to “WillingTruth”. Well, a couple months ago a member of a Native American tribe reached out  with concerns, and upon further research and communication, I came to the conclusion that Hozho was not the perfect, healing word that I had originally thought it to be. So, in an effort to right my wrong, the quest for a new name began! And I was surprised how effortlessly the words “Willing Truth” came upon me. I feel these words are much more easily understood and relevant to the purpose of this site.

For willing individuals to share the truth of their painful experiences; by opening up, we hope to replace shame and negativity with healing, hope, and empowerment.

I simply love the thought of Willing Truth. Not only are the people on this site willing to share, but they are also willing a new, more beautiful truth to come to pass. Similar to a flower, if we keep our truth hidden, our roots can sometimes begin to fester, turn us sour, and even decay. But by bringing our experience into the light, we begin to bloom! And the best part of blooming is realizing that your beauty was there all along; it may have been hidden and needed some nurturing, but you were always born to shine.