Keira's Shae Memoir: How The Light Gets In

Ring your bells that still can ring,

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack—a crack in everything;

That’s how the light gets in.
— -Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem”


On July 24, BCC Press will publish How the Light Gets In by Keira Shae. This memoir is the story of a girl growing up in a poor, non-Mormon family in Provo, Utah, USA and encountering abuse, drugs, prostitution, family separation, and profound poverty in the shadow of the Temple and the LDS Church’s flagship university. She eventually converted to the Church after experiencing kindness from an LDS foster family as a teen. 

Megan Goates reviewed this book saying that "At its deepest root, Keira’s book candidly and deeply ponders the purposes of suffering and the prickly path of mortality, with its hard-earned lessons in empathy, endurance, mercy, and forgiveness."-

Keira most recently shared a piece of her story with us. Please go and look it up in our stories section.